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Welcome to Dentistry

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

I regularly lecture in dental colleges around the country and have met with many bright young minds in the field. Lets begin this blog with a fun filled sentence of mine - “98% of Indian Dentists NEVER wanted to be Dentists”.

Perhaps you had applied for admission for MBBS & did not get a seat. And now you are a Dentist playing with the white, the pink, saliva, blood, pus!

1% are those lucky/unlucky whose parents are Dentists had no choice but to become a Dentist, whether they wanted to or not.

The last 1% are those young girls/boys who had orthodontic treatment done between VIII th & XI th Std. They got infatuated by their Orthodontist, his/her no injection, no airrotor drill, no pain, clean clinic, all other patients of same age group, nice music, etc. Also, a relationship with an Orthodontist is a longterm affair. It gave these young minds enough time to eventually decide that they would also like to become like him/her, alas later in life they become a Dentist.

So all in all Dentistry is an arranged marriage for many. This is such a funny story - the arranged marriage with dentistry was not decided by our parents but by our XII th Std marks!

Anyways now you are IN, so now learn to SWIM.

Welcome to Dentistry💐

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1 Comment

Mandar Joglekar
Mandar Joglekar
Jul 12, 2019

98% ..... :) True!!! 1% Infatuated by their orthodontist ... LOL

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