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Design your Life

Design your life

Design your Life

A Professional & Personal Transformation Program with 
Dr. Rajiv Verma. Get your life designed as a professional
Dentist and as a Human Being. 

Duration & Timings

2 days

9am - 6pm on both days

Course Description

Day 1: Morning session

Let's begin to Design your Life by setting your Vision, Mission & Purpose.

Day 1: Afternoon session

Aptitude Test, Road to Mastery & 5G Concept.

Day 2: Morning session

Additional tools to facilitate your Design your Life project.

Day 2: Afternoon session

Relationship Building the secret of success. 

Dr.Rajiv Verma says :

I have designed this program so you can start designing your own life. Many feedbacks & testimonials by previous participants say : 

This course not only helps you design your life professionally but actually also changes your life personally. 


After being in Dentistry for over 20 years yet a new me is born is probably the best testimonial received. 

In this complete transformation program, I will teach you how to define exactly what success means to you and the steps you need to take to achieve it. 

I will teach you the powerful steps to professional & personal transformation as a ‘*Dental Practitioner*’ to you as a ‘*Dentist*’ to you as a ‘*Person*’ so you can begin to change your own life and live a life of purpose and fulfilment. 


If you're ready to take control of your life and live with purpose, earn name, fame & money in style then I would love to hand hold each one of you and lead you on your path and help guide you along your journey. 


Dentists of all age groups will benefit immensely from this program. 



What you'll learn: 


✅  Clearly define your life purpose as a Dentist & as a Person. 

✅  Begin to live a life loaded with Passion 

✅  Define your Vision, Mission, Strategy’s & Life path

✅  Develop your immediate/5/10 year Goals and Set Targets both financial & personal growth. 

✅  Niche Clarity - understand your core strengths and powers. 

✅  Aptitude Test - Do a real life test to understand your core strengths and master them. 

✅  Mastery plan development. 

✅  Identify core people , mentors, skills & toolkit required for the Mastery Roadmap

✅  Achieve your biggest dreams through small daily habits.

✅  Develop Strong Interpersonal skills by learning the science of Good Relationship building and Social Networking.

✅  Get friends and patients for life through the special Rajiv Verma Relationship Strategy Formula

✅  Align your daily life with your newly defined purpose. 

✅  Achieve Work-Life balance. 

✅  And much more with lots of hands-on exercises & some tasks, too. 


Note: No Refund unless program is cancelled in case of unforeseen circumstances. Seats on first come first serve basis.

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