Hands-on Courses


Porcelain Veneers & Fixed Prosthodontics

Duration & Timings

3 days, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm on all days

Course Fees 

INR 25,000 + 18% GST

Course Description

Hands-on of tooth preparation for various types of restorations like Full Metal, Facing's, PFM, Zirconia, Lithium Di-Silicate for Crowns & Bridges, Onlays, Vonlays, Table tops, V-tops and much more. Demo of shade taking, pre-operative impression making in polyvinyl siloxane material, wax mock-ups, silicone indices, temporarisation, gingival retraction, bite registration, final impression & cementation of immediate composite temporary.
Also master the technique of making restorations on tilted teeth, supra-erupted teeth, etc. Hands on of how to get parallelism with the help of a 'D' protractor (semi-circle).
Along with this learn the art & science of Porcelain Veneers - 'THE LONGEST LASTING RESTORATION IN HUMAN MOUTH' - from  preparation of teeth to bonding of porcelain laminate veneers all in an hands on & demo format. The course has a 100% demo & hands-on pattern, interlaced with clinical knowledge & a huge bouquet of practical tips, along with the required dose of humour to help each participant relax & feel at home. Personal care is taken in respect to food preference. Cabin temperature is maintained at 20° & special training is imparted to doctor's appearing for overseas examinations UK, USA, AUS, NZ, CANADA & OTHER COUNTRY.

Course fee includes BREAKFAST / LUNCH / TEA / COFFEE / SNACK / CERTIFICATE & LIFETIME OF RETURNS, & all required dental materials during the course, notes & burs (burs to be returned after use).​

Participants must bring

  • 2-Hole Airrotor Handpiece (NSK / W&H / KaVo UNIK / BEING FOSHAN )

  • GET 2 Airrotor Handpieces Preferably Push Button, IN GOOD CONDITION TOTAL 11 TEETH - FOR DAY 1 PORCELAIN VENEER HANDS-ON COURSE - Upper - Both Centrals to 2nd Pre-Molar & Lower - Both Centrals to 1st Pre-Molar

  • TOTAL 8 TEETH - FOR DAY 2 CROWN PREPARATION BASIC HANDS-ON COURSE - Upper - Both Centrals and upto 2nd Molar. Mount 2nd pre-molar & 1st molar in supra-eruption ( see email ).

  • TOTAL 11 TEETH - FOR DAY 3 FIXED PROSTHODONTICS ADVANCED HANDS-ON COURSE Lower - Both Lateral Incisors, Both Canines, Both 1st Pre-Molars, One 2nd Pre-Molar (any side), Both 2nd Molars & Both 3rd Molars. Give a slight mesial tilt to lower 2nd molars on both sides ( see email ).

  • TOTAL 30 TEETH EXTRACTED OR IVORINE TEETH OR MIX OF BOTH ( Mount ivorine teeth with screw ) Clean extracted teeth with sodium hypochlorite & water ( DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE )


New Additions
Onlays, Vonlays,
Table tops, V-tops

Digital Smile Design

Duration & Timings

3 days, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm on all days

Course Fees 

INR 73,000 + 18% GST

Course Description

Digital Smile Design (DSD) also could be called as Digital Treatment Planning, the new concept making waves globally has made a paradigm shift in the way dental treatments are planned, function restored & smiles enhanced. DSD is an exciting new concept in the field of aesthetic dentistry developed by Dr. Christian Coachman. 
Making the perfect smile entails delivering good quality aesthetic and functional restorations. However, the results are highly unpredictable as what a dentist wants may not accurately be conveyed to the dental laboratory who actually fabricates the restorations. Dr. Christian Coachman, a world-renowned aesthetic dentist has designed DSD to teach dentists to use modern technology to give predictable and consistent results in smile designing. Digital smile design allows you to design the smile, using the latest DSD App on an Apple iPad, prior to embarking on any treatment. The patient’s digital photographs, impression scans, facial scans can be used to create a before/after smile simulation in 6 minutes. Exact dimensions of teeth can be acquired by creating a smile frame in 4 minutes. These dimensions are then transferred onto the cast to make a wax-up by the DSD 2D App or a 3D printed waxed-up cast can be made by using the DSD 3D App. 

"The DSD Concept hands-on course is a one of a kind course that I have ever attended in the 25 years of my career. The DSD concept is so unique that it eliminates the use of a face mirror by patients to evaluate their before and after smile. Digital photography and videography is the key to a great Digital Smile Design; it helps us to show patients their new smile on screen and win their confidence in us and the treatment.” - Dr. Rajiv Verma

  • Day 1

    • DSD Concept 

    • DSD App on iPhone for Photo/Video documentation live on-patient - demo and hands-on

    • DSD App (2D) on iPad to create smile simulation and smile frame - demo and hands-on of Case 1

    • Digital impression making live on-patient

  • Day 2

    • DSD & its applications in orthodontics, implantology, periodontia, prosthodontics, orthognathic, FMR, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

    • DSD App (2D) on iPad to create smile simulation and smile frame - demo and hands-on of Case 2

    • DSD App (2D) on iPad to create smile simulation and smile frame - demo and hands-on of Case 3

    • DSD patient case analog wax-up/ digital waxed-up 3D printed model, index making 

  • Day 3​

    • DSD Case test drive live on-patient with post-op Photo/Videos 

    • DSD App (2D) on iPad to create smile simulation and smile frame - demo and hands-on of Case 4

    • Q&A Session

    • Case Discussion

Participants must bring

  • Apple iPad, 10.5 inch, 128 GB (or more) with Wifi

  • Visit www.digitalsmiledesign.com to register yourself. Subscribe to a monthly plan for the course.

  • Then download the DSD App for the Apple iPad on your Apple iPad from https://www.digitalsmiledesignapp.com/

  • Download the DSD App for iPhone on your iPhone

  • Transparent R/L separate Cheek Retractors - 2 sets (ORO Co.)

  • U/L casts of your own teeth and of patients

New Additions
Onlays, Vonlays,
Table tops, V-tops
Learn to create winning
smiles using the

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